Evil or Very Mad , I think I have an ulcer and it sucks!! Lol.. About a month ago out of nowhere I developed really really bad stomach pains, that I could hardly talk through. It almost felt like a burning sensation.. Then I was fine until on my cruise, I woke up nausus every morning and felt sick after everything I ate.. Then yesterday the stomach pain came back but was gone when I woke up this morning.. So I went to the ob/gyn today for a normal checkup and asked her about it and she says it sounds like an ulcer =/.. Has anybody else had one? How long did it take to treat?


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replied June 29th, 2004
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You could also have ibs, or acid reflux. All have some like symptoms. The only way to know for sure if you have an ulcer is to have tests done.
How long it will take to treat depends on the severity of your ulcer (if that is what it is) but you will have to avoid lots of foods. I would go to the doctor and get tests run to find out what is wrong and go from there. It could just be stress.
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