I'm going to try my best to describe the issue.

Whenever I eat something generally high in sugar I suppose, it seems to trigger this effect on my teeth which lasts a couple of days. Once triggered, it hurts to brush the tooth or eat hard food with it. The pain sends tingles through my body and my hairs stand on end. A few days later the issue seems to be gone until I eat something sugary.

I would guess this might be your normal cavity. Whenever a dentist puts a filling in I hope the problem would stop, but unfortunately it doesn't.

This problem has been going on for most of my life, with the site of pain seemingly changing. Right now it hurts to brush/chew on the top right and lower left of my mouth. I just got back from the dentist two days ago, and he says I have one little cavity on my lower left. Could he have missed a cavity in the top right? Or is there something I haven't heard of wrong with my teeth?

Thanks in advance.
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replied June 27th, 2004
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Perhaps your bite is off-i would have your dentist evaluate your occlusion(bite).It's very odd to have such pain for your entire life,sounds like more than a tooth issue.Good luck!!
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replied July 7th, 2004
It's r eally hard to say what it could be with out x-rays (radiographs), and an exam. As the previous poster said, it could be your bite is a little off. In my opinion, I think that it could be root exposure due to gum recession. The roots of the teeth don't have that protective enamel covering over them, which means that they are more succeptible to extreme sensitivity and decay. I would try using a sensitive toothpaste and see if that helps you, also, maybe try using a fluoride home rinse to help strengthen your teeth. Did you tell the dentist that you were having sensitivity in that area? If it's still bothering you after you try the sensitive toothpaste- call the dentist and have another exam done, and see what they recommend. Good luck to you- let us know how it goes. (p.S. - i'm a dental hygienist)
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