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Discolored Patch of Skin On Chest

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I have a patch of pinkish skin about the size of a fingerprint on my chest. It resembles a birthmark although it hasn't been there my entire life. Honestly, I can't remember how long it has been there, but at least several years.

In addition to being a different color than the surrounding skin, the patch is especially smooth in texture. If I stretch or pinch the surrounding skin slightly, the wrinkle lines in the pink region are a little different than those on the unaffected skin. The pink area is the same softness as the surrounding skin.

Anyone have any thoughts on what this might be? I never though much of it since it didn't cause pain or irritation, but after educating myself a little more about skin cancer i've come to the point where i'm gonna see a dermatologist.

I'm a 23 yr old male with fair complexion and some freckles (arms). I spend a fair amount of time out in the sun, but 95% of this time I wear a shirt. I have had a couple of sunburns on my chest, but none within the past 5 years.
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