Sir , iam 55 years old and has started difficulty in retracting foreskin during intercource and during masturbation . Should I get circumcision done . I have heard y\that erections after circumcision are very painful and one needs to take female hormone to suppress it . Secondly due to constant irritaion at the glans I am geting unwanted erections during day times also which I dont want . What should I do . Please advise . Thanks
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replied March 14th, 2007
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Circumcision At Age 55
I love my foreskin for the following reasons:

1. Masturbating is sheer heaven, no lubrication ever required whether it is 'full shaft' in a clenched fist or just pinching the end of the foreskin between finger and thumb.

2. When flacid my penis is totally encapsulated in a warm and snug sleeping bag.

3. The sensitive glans is always moist and smooth.

4. Precum between the foreskin and glans gives a wonderful sensual sensation when the glans only is being rubbed through the foreskin.

5. The rim of my foreskin is deliciously sensitive when gently stroked. A clean bird's feather is best!

6. The only time you have to wash under it is when you have had sexual intercourse. If your only sexual outlet is masturbating, like mine is, then it never needs washing. The natural secretions and lots of precum ensures a clean penis. Mine always has a slight new mowed hay aroma which I find very erotic. (You never have to wash under your eyelids, do you?).

7. Looks good, nature put it there for a reason!

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replied August 14th, 2008
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i couldn't have b put it better myself!
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