I have searching the net for answers for ages now and am having no luck

i am a perfectly healthy male aged 36
i eat well
i excersise average
i'm not overweight
i stopped smoking in january 2004

i have been getting these weird feelings on my skin for about 2 months now..Kinda like cold water droplets.. Usually on my legs.. Sometimes on my stomach and back.... Only when I get hot...This is the hardest part to explain... If it's 20 degrees c outside..I can walk out and get these feelings.. If I sit in an airconditioned room.. I will rarely (if ever) get them. I never get them at night (when it's cool).

I cannot explain these feelings to myself properly.. If I got them all the time I would visit my gp but since it seems to be heat / temperature related.. Then I think it's all in the head.

I have had a few panic attacks in my life (i'm sure ecstacy use was the cause there).. But I think I have beaten them.. I am a fairly nervous person..Have stopped taking drugs.. 4 months ago( I had taken only 4 or 5 times in the last year).

Any help / ideas will be appreciated.

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replied June 19th, 2004
Ive had those same feelings before, but I always seem to have them on my face. I just call them "weird chills" Smile youre right, there is no way to describe them. I used to take extasy also, and what jumped at me with your post, is when I get those feelings, it always is accompanied with an "extasy flashback" feeling, shakiness, tenseness, and im just kinda out there.... Makes me wonder if its from them? Dont know if its the same as yours... If you ever find out what it is, let me know. Smile sorry i'm not much help.
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replied June 22nd, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
You say you stopped taking drugs (i assume prescribed?) about 2 months before this started, it may just be your system taking longer to get used to being without the drugs thatn normal.
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