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What exactly is phycosis? Am I even spelling that right? Lol
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First Helper purple333

replied June 22nd, 2004
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I am assuming you man psychosis? My dictionary meaning is: any form of severe mental disorder in which the individual's contact with reality becomes highly distorted.

Just remember that even drs don't always use the term to mean the same as the dictionary definition.
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replied February 8th, 2009
Is it distorted or is the doctor getting a pay off you have to really make sure there not around any illegal activity because then your a butcher. You talking years of diagnois I went thru a child custody battle and he has a cop for a brother they say inlaw and there from mexico this is before the 911 we tried to alert and they wanted to ruin my name inthis as spect.15 years later I wanted a clearance and there is a list of crimes linked to someone and they wish I was phycosis the sd police won't do a thing but ruin your name and he is from tj chiuaua where he was born they didn't care as long as they get a cut of illegal money.u
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replied February 20th, 2009
one example of psychosis is that the person "hears voices" that aren't really there. In hearing these voices they lose touch with reality because they think that what they're hearing is actually real.
If I'm not wrong ppl can also hallusinate. and again if i'm not mistaken they can hear voices inside they're head. the first ones i spoke about actually sound like you me talking out aloud, almost.
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replied February 21st, 2009
Active User, very eHealthy
Psychosis has alot to do with discovering how much your world is a piece of garbage. and caring. It has alot to do with seeing what's in people's eyes, it has alot to do with thinking and knowing. It has alot to do with being aware of what's around you, what your made of, why you are here. Hearing what the world has to offer. Things like this.
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replied October 4th, 2009
I have recenty experienced a stress induced physcotic episode. My symptoms were as follows:- I thought that people were watching me through the TV, I thought that there was a conspiracy against me. I had irrational beliefs that people around me were spying on me and my family. I was huluciating to the point where i thought that people where out to get me. I looked at everyone suspicously. I kept falling in and out of a state of total paranoia. Luckily, my wife made sure that I got to see a Dr as soon as possible. I was quickly diagnosed with an acute phsycotic episode and recieved medication and phsycotherapy. It has been about 10 months since the episode and I am still on medication. Fortunately for me, I was not diagnosed with skizophrenia. My reccomendation to any freind or family who suspects that their friend has a phsycotic disorder is to do the following:

1.listen to the person and offer them your support. (even if you think they are not making sense.)

2. Whilst some of the things they may be telling you seem beyond belief, they will appear totally true to the person. So do not discard what they say.

3. Trying to rationalise with person does not work.Whilst that person is in a state of phsycosis their ability to see logic and rational becomes disfunctional.


5. It wont be easy, but get the person to see a Dr as sson as possible. Go with them to the Dr's and help to describe the problems in detail.

6. FINALLY: Be prepared for irrational and ilogical behavour from the person. Keep your self mentally strong by not taking on too much stress. Try and get other freinds and family to support you. Make sure that you and others helping you get properly educated with the persons condition and symptoms.
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