Hey girls!
I havent updated lately so I figured I would! I went for my doc appt two days ago... Everythings good heartbeat 150bpm lol! Still carrying real low tho lol! And she told me that after 3 weeks (well 2 weeks and 5 days now) that shes gonna consider me fullterm and that I can go anytime after this!! Im prolly gonna have a small baby... I dont know why she said i'll prolly go after this... Maybe my due date was off or somethin... Oh well.. I'm just happy that it could be 2 weeks and 5 days away!!! Yay!! SmileSmileSmile i'm still not even that big tho... Lotsa poeple tell me they wouldnt even think I was due next month lol! I'm gonan take tim's digital camera tomorrow (since he hasnt set up the dang internet at our apartment yet!) and bring it here to my parents and take some pics so I can put some up on here lol! I'm just hoping i'll beat hearenbaby on the countdown but kari will prolly still beat me lol! Oh well, looks like we got a race! Cool hehe! But I got my new apartment number now! I'll send it to everyone thru pm... Dont know who to trust on here no more lol! (not referring to anyone in particular just sayin some weird people could come on here lol!) but i'll give out the hospital number to everyone too.. Hehe im so excited I already packed my baby bag for the hospital! Just gotta do my hospital bag Smile hehe! Well, this is gettin long so i'll cut short but hope everyones doin well and all the babies/pregnancies are goin great!!! Smile

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replied June 17th, 2004
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I bet these last few weeks will seem like the longest ever!! Lol.. It seems like everyone is having their babys so close together in here :p
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replied June 18th, 2004
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Cherry sorry dont know ur name....Most of us are all havin summer babies Smile its really exciting. Shauna im so excited for you!! Then youll finally know if ur lil one is a girl Smile so u can buy cute pink stuff hehe. Good luck to you and keep us updated. Love yas!!
Heather and mackenzie
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