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Myasthenia Laryngis

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Currently in therapy for this voice box disorder. I'm told voice quality will suffer. Is there anyone here that has recovered from myasthenia laryngis who would share their experience.
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replied July 25th, 2005
Myasthenia Laryngis
For a while now I have been training my voice to become a better singer. Last year, I read that it was bad to project your voice only from the throat and a good voice should be projected both orally and nasaly. I also read that it was important to use diaphramatic breathing during singing or speaking to relieve tension from the lower neck muscles.

After reading this, I become overparanoid and took the notion too far and started to sing and speak with my larynx (voice box) muscles completely relaxed unware at the time of the disaster this would lead to. Gradually this became a natural unconscious habit and singing and speaking would lead to tension in other areas of my body such as the side and back of my neck muscles and shoulder muscles and I couldnt figure out why.

myasthenia larngis is described as a "morbid entity characterized by asthenia of the phonatory musculature of the larynx..". 'jackson considers myasthenia laryngis as a mucular disability....According to jackson, myasthenia laryngis is created by too high pitch in singing and in speaking'.

Asthenia meaning an abnormal loss of strength. The phonatory musculature of the larynx is the muscle system that controls the production of vocal sounds.

I havent actually gone to the doctor and been diagnosed with this disorder, but i've been doing research in order to figure out what is wrong with my voice and how I might have been misusing/abusing it and I think by keeping my larynx (voice box) muscles completely relaxed all the time i've created tension in other surrounding areas of the body and caused a weakening of the larynx muscles by never using them properly.

I have reason to believe i've developed this disorder because indicators include breathy voice, leakage of air, effortful voice and patient unable to laugh in a non breathy tone. I seem to have each of these symptoms to a certain degree.

Basically i've been an extremist idiot and misused and abused my voice and now I have a disorder. Lol

i find now that if I speak in a completely natural manner not worrying about anything, my voice flows somewhat better but I still think I might need therapy or self help to get it fixed. I might have also bowed my vocal cords through all the misuse/abuse.

Hopefully i'll go to the doctor on friday and then see a throat specialist to get it checked out.

How did you get this voice box disorder? Maybe as I recover from it, i'll share my experience with you .
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replied March 27th, 2009
I've been diagnosed with Myasthenia Laryngis as well. Years after my diagnosis I'm still struggling to get my voice back to where it needs to be. I've literally tried everything except surgery (which is something I desperately want to try but no ent or pathologist deem my condition severe enough for surgery).

Voice retraining does not help! Anybody who has this problem will tell you that you'll have little to no success in resolving your vocal issues via theories and exercises. I mean after all these years of being briefed on the vocal chords, diaphragm, voice box, all the muscles involved, and all the diagrams and models.... I could be a speech pathologist with everything I know! and I still have trouble producing a clear sound! I could just tell everyone with my problem the stuff they tell me and see if they get any help from that (i doubt it!)

I find myself going back to see different ENTS and pathologist hoping that they have a different answer than "your voice is fine" "you should hear people with real voice problems" Are you serious? I need help! I'm so frustrated that after all these years I still haven't found resolution to my condition.

Is there anybody out there with this condition that has found real success?
What besides voice retraining is there to help resolve this confounding problem? Why does myasthenia laryngis not call for surgery if voice retraining does not work? Won't Medialization Laryngoplasty help? Or Injection Laryngoplasty?

*sigh* but I'm not giving up. Maybe I'll be the first to overcome this thing. I just got together with a new voice coach and am not succumbing to acceptance. My voice can and will be where it needs to be.

"I had a dream, a conscious dream, about a year ago. I decided to fantasize about the best possible life I could have. I wished for a better job, one that wasn't so isolated. I wished I could be more socially alive. And I wished for a better voice to allow it all to happen."
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replied October 13th, 2009
myasthenia laryngis
I was diagnosed with myasthenia laryngis a year and a half ago. Have tried voice retraining, but I have been bad about sticking with it. It's very trying for me for some reason. Promised my boyfriend I'd give it another shot. People always think I am sick, which is a problem because my work involves interviewing people every day. I'm now looking into acupuncture for this. Anyone try it? I want to avoid Botox injections.
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