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Excessive Sexual Activity...lymphocoele

I have found out what my problem is. It is ...Excessive sexual activity or masturbation results in a raised, whitish weal on the edge of the glans, just beneath the rim. This is due to swelling and blockage of a lymph drainage channel. The only treatment needed is to refrain from sexual activity and let things settle down.
But my problem is that it has been a week now with no sex or masturbation, but the white thing is still there and there is a slight slight pain when I pull the foreskin down to wash it.. The whitish weal is still there and it seems that it wont go away because it has a small clean cut out of my skin there... What should I do??
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replied May 10th, 2005
I have the same problem. The swelling goes away if left alone, but appears soon after extended masturbation, sex, or erections. The swelling is always present in the morning due to night time erections.

I have found that I can massage the swelling down the shaft and flatten the swelling. This is temporary and usually appears again under the conditions listed above.

Are you still having the same problem? Did you find any additional information on treatment or prevention?

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