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Weird Feeling Right Side of Chest

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I'm 20 years old, I do not smoke and do not really do anything unhealthy at all (except drink coffee every day lol). But anyway, it seems like the right side of my chest (for me, not the side with the heart) has always been a bit bigger towards the middle....Both sides have small little bumps, but one is always bigger like it is filled up with something ? Is this normal ? Lately i've been having a weird sensation in that area....The bump on the right side. Sometimes its an ache, and sometimes it feels like it is tightening up and even a little hard to breathe. I always have excess mucus in the back of my throat that I have to spit up. I've been on meds for that but none really helped cause it's always there. When I blew my nose today a few times, it even spasmed uncontrollably right in that area. It just feels really weird. Any ideas on what this could be and if it is serious ?
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replied July 30th, 2004
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Sorry no idea of what it could be but I would suggest you see an alternative therapist - homeopath, naturopath, accupuncture etc. I am assuming that your dr hasn't been able to give you an answer.
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