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Severe Headace When Preforming Labour Intinsive Tasks

Ok, to start off my name is donnie, 21 yrs old, now to start off i'll tellu about how I got the condidtion in the first place, I was playing hockey and I had skated backward into another player resulting in my head whipping back, and that would be the first time it had happend, I got off the ice immediately and the back right side of my head had an extremely painful headace that kind of went away in 15 minutes. Now my problem is that its been 5 days and I still get severe headaces in the same place when ever I do labour intensive activities, for example today I was working on my motorbike, and it had came back, other times such as sex. Im starting to get worried and think its time to seek help from a clinic. I've never had a concussion before so im not sure if thats what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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replied September 26th, 2003
Tension Headache, Maybe?

go to your doctor, first of all. I get tension headaches from a pulled tendon that connects my neck to my head. I get a shot of painkiller with steroids into the tendon and am pain free. Good luck and go see a doctor!
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