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Blisters And Acupuncture

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Hello to everybody,

one quick question; I run/walk long distance events, anything above 50km up to various hundreds, but unfortunately I am quite prone to blisters and, after various changes and many years (i tried everything, vaseline, talc, thin socks, thick socks, tape, no tape, alcohol, foot cream...) I have been told that "maybe" acupuncture could help.

For as long as I do a non-stop event, no problem; it is painful, but I can usually finish. The real problem is multi day events where you have to run/walk on new blisters day after day and see the problem just get worse. And painful. If only I could push back the moment blisters start developing it would be a huge help.

I am looking for a prevention, not cure. Does anyone know if acupuncture could help?

Thanks in advance. George
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