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Lung And Liver Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Hello everyone,

i am a metastatic breast cancer patient diagnosed in 1999. I had mastectomy followed by 8 doses of red medicine (don’t remember exact name) and taxol. I was taking tamoxifine orally.

Two years later in 2002 august cancer came back – nodules in liver. My oncologist started gemzar but 6 months later cat scan showed nodules in upper lobe of a lung & plueral effusion.

I started taxotere then and I have been on it for 7-8 months. I am having cat scan every 3 months. Every time lung nodules are increasing in size and more nodules are coming into the lung but liver nodules are the same in size. I have had persistent cough (dry) for the last two months as a result of plueral effusion. Last cat scan also showed water around lung.
My oncologist told me I would have a pouch inserted so water will get away from the lung area.

I am very concerned about the progression of disease in lung. My doctor is keeping me on taxotere. I am also on arimidix. I have done some internet research and found herceptin but my oncologist said my hormone receptor does not match so can’t take it.

I am really getting tired of taxotere because I don’t know whether it is working.
My question is are there any better treatments for lung and liver mets that I am fighting?

I will appreciate any comments from you. Thanks in advance.

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replied September 19th, 2003
Smile melody

hello my name is kelly and I work in the medical field at a doctors office that deals with cancer we do ipt which is insulin potentian therapy we are having really good things with this treatment if you really want to know more post and let me know and I will let you know more

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replied November 23rd, 2004
Hi kelly,
i read your post to the other lady, about you working with patients using insulin potentian therapy.

I have bad allergic reaction to one taxotere, and interested in finding out all about this therapy you mentioned.

Can you please tell me about it, where it is being administered?

I live on the west coast in canada(vancouver) so I don't know if there is anything up here(medical costs would be better because of a medical plan, but would travel, if it seemed worth it.

Thanks for any time you take for this reply.

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replied December 8th, 2004
Lung And Liver Metastatic Breast Cancer
My history is mastectomy in july 2001, 6 months of chemo, then 16 radiation treatments, then a check up every 3 months (never once did they do a chest x ray or blood test during that time). Then in 2003 august I started coughing, went to the doctor thinking pneumonia, a chext x-ray later and I have multiple mets in my lungs and a lesion in my liver. Six months of taxotere and nothing much changed in my lungs, but the liver cleared up.

My oncologist told me in april there was nothing more they could do for me, then the next day he called me to say they were going to try a new hormone (my cancer is estrogen positive). The treatment is called femera (letrazole) and I have been taking it since may with awesome results. My last chest xray in september showed that my largest tumor in my lung was 26 mm and had shrunk to 10 mm in 3 months.

If your cancer is estrogen positive this may work for you too. I was in rough shape and now i'm feeling great, no shortness of breath or coughing.
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replied December 12th, 2004
Natural Cancer Treatment
I have been using a product for people who want to prevent or treat cancer and in january of 2004 the international journal of oncology published a study on this product. The authors concluded that this product may contribute to supporting healthy breast cells.
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replied January 19th, 2010
If what I read in your post is true, I have no hesitation to realize that It is matter of grave concern. You should rush to a Cancer Hospital that specifically deal with Breast Cancer. You should not follow any temporary treatment like Insulin proteinan therapy etc. This aggravates the conditions of patients more.
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replied November 12th, 2010
Hi Melody the red meds is Doxorubicin Chemo The Taxotere is the best.You are Hormone positive and Her2 negative thats why Herseptin won`t work for you.
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replied November 15th, 2010
This was a really informative post about metastatic breast cancer !!!

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