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Prayer and Support

We believe that positive thinking and care and prayer can truly help people in need. If you would like to request support, please submit your request for kind thoughts, best wishes, and prayer here. Your request can be for yourself or someone you know. Write as many details as you like in your post ... but your post should be general enough that we get the picture. Be sure that private information remains private (including full names and locations) and that you maintain anonymity on this public forum.

Perhaps your friend is going for a surgery?
Or maybe you are worried about your own health?
Whatever it is... let us know. We will put in our best intentions for you.

If you`re interested in helping people who have made a prayer request, you can offer your personal support here and/or via private message. In other words, you can post your kind words and best wishes on this thread, and contact members individually.

REMEMBER: Together we make strong medicine.
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replied February 17th, 2009
help me
i need prayer NOW my life is fueled w/some of the most addictive meds on the market.the depression is off the hook.i'm on my own and been in constant pain for 15 years.please ray that i can be on my feet again 4 each day its getting load is heavy and most people have a family unit,as well as some people don't see blood they can't relate for its not visual.they can't understand nor do they know not what 2 they go there on wayi believe that unity brings please consider this an EMERGENCY EZEKIEL 4:9
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