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Facts On the Effects of Abortion

Most abortions are surgical procedures. Any kind of surgery carries risk. Some of
the complications you can experience as a result of an abortion are: inability to have
any children in the future, a perforated uterus, retained body parts of an aborted
baby that weren't completely removed, infection, and sometimes death.

Physical complications of abortion

abortion carries risks. Here are some of the things that may happen to you:

• pain during the procedure
• bleeding and hemorrhaging
• cervical lacerations
• cervical incontinence (it’s a muscle and when it is stretched it may tear) which means that in the future you may be unable to carry a baby to term
• lacerated or scarred uterus
• infection because the person doing the abortion did not remove all the parts of your baby
• death

there is also evidence that abortions may lead to breast cancer. A study published in the november 2, 1994 edition of the journal of the national cancer institute found that women having abortions increased their risk of getting breast cancer before age 45 by about 50 %. Women under 18 who abort their first child face an increase of about 800% of the risk for breast cancer. And for women under 18 who have a history of breast cancer in their family, if they abort their first child they face an infinite risk of cancer. It’s a virtual breast cancer.

Abortion may also affect your fertility. Women who have abortions face an increased risk of tubal pregnancy and a 100% increase in the risk of future sterility as well as increased risk of future miscarriages.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of abortions are done in private facilities, not in hospitals and not in doctor’s offices. Doesn’t really seem so very safe, does it?

Psychological consequences associated with abortion

it’s not always over when the abortion is over. Women who had an abortion report the following:

• anger
• sexual dysfunction
• hallucinations
• anniversary grief reactions
• increased promiscuity
• drug and alcohol abuse
• flashbacks
• memory repression
• starving themselves or overeating
• difficulties with relationships
• low self-esteem
• suicidal thoughts

oh, and by the way, abortion does affect relationships. It destroys about 80 % to 90 % of them. And abortion does affect men. Many of the things contained above or in our section after effects of abortion happen to men who lost their child that way.

For anyone who has had an abortion and regretted it:

helpful links for post-abortion resources

if you are suffering from the after effects of abortion, we urge you to get help. Below are a list of organizations that are dedicated to helping men and women recover from an abortion. Please read our disclaimer.

Faith-based post-abortion resources

non-religious post-abortion resources

the website I got this info from:

http://www.Groundpickle.Com/pregnancy%20su bpages/abortion%20page/abortion%20page.Htm
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replied May 31st, 2004
Active User, very eHealthy
So sad.. It makes me so sad/angry to read about everything that ppl that had abortions have to deal with.. =/, I pray for everyone thats ever suffered thru somthing like that!

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replied May 31st, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Oh lordy, not this one again! Just remember, that yes, any surgical and/or medical procedure carries risk. As does any pregnancy, as does childbirth. As does having children who turn out to be major disappointments. It's called life.
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replied May 31st, 2004
Active User, very eHealthy
Um idk about you but ive never heard of people getting halucinations and nightmares from pregnancy or childbirth. Yes iknow you can have very scary dreams during pregnancy but theyre not the same as post abortion ones..

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replied May 31st, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
The breast cancer [email protected] has been shown to be complete bollocks, and nonetheless is still being trotted out by the anti-choice brigade. It's revolting that they need to descend to lies and scare tactics in addition to any worthwhile points they might have.

That abortions are done in "private facilities" is because they are authorised abortion clinics. They are specialised centers, unlike hospitals (major risk of getting infections because they are full of sick people) or doctors offices, which don't do surgical procedures, do they?

Women who have abortions are no different from those who don't. Abortions do not cause psychological problems. If women who had abortions "report" certain things, these are definitely experienced by women who didn't.

The only time that abortion is a problem is for those women who had them against their will, i.E. Were forced or coerced into it by their partners or families. Pro-choice is as much about supporting the decision of women who want to keep their babies, as supporting those who don't.
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