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Baby Isabelle Born With Two Heart Defects

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Sad my baby daughter isabelle was born two weeks ago and diagnosed with a heart murmur. She immediately had an echocardiogram which showed an atrial septal defect (hole in the heart) of 5mm. We were ok with this as she wouldnt need surgery until the age of 3, and it is pretty much a straightforward operation.

But then she had her second echocardiogram last week and her paediatric cardiologist picked up a malfunctioning pulmonary valve also. He has told us she will now need the surgery at 4 months of age...And that she will more than likely decline in health over the next few months. This is extremely frightening for my hubby and i, i'm scared about her catching a cold as she has to go straight into hospital should she become the slightest bit ill. Is anyone else going through this, and can someone out there tell me shes going to be just fine? Very scary
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replied May 30th, 2004
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Hey I dont know how reassuring this will be but I hate to hear that and im sorry but I stay home all the time and im constantly watching discovery health and they had a girl on the show with the same problem and her parents had the same outlook at 6 years old she was perfectly fine but still had the heart problems so they brought her in for open heart surgery and she came out doing awesome!!I hope I helped a little tiny bit!!!I hope everything goes well for you!!!Ill be prayiing for you!
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