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For Men: Proper Shaving Technique to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

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For men: proper shaving technique to prevent ingrown hairs

1. Rinse face with hot water to open your pores (but not hot to the point that it will burn your skin)

2. Apply shaving cream

3. Shave downward only.

4. Rinse with hot water again and apply shaving cream again.

5. Shave a 2nd time but this time upwards (to get that close shave)

6. Rinse with hot water again and apply shaving cream again.

7. Shave a 3rd and last time but this time downwards only (again)

8. Rinse with cold water (to close pores)


explanation: if you never shave upwards you will never get a close shave.
But you should not start upwards because it will irritate your skin; so you 1st shave downwards to prepare your hair for the downwards shave.

You must finish a 3rd time downwards again because if you finish upwards the hair will remain in an upward position and that will cause ingrown hairs.

If you do get an ingrown hair you must break the skin and pluck it out; if not it will just keep growing inside your skin, getting worse and worse.
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