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the Central Incisors/buck Teeth

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Hi folks,
my two top central incisors are a little larger than the rest of my adjacent teeth and it protrudes slightly outwards, making it a little buck teeth. It looks bad especially since my lateral incisors are unfortunately smaller than the rest, so it's a pretty bad image all together. I try not to show off my teeth when I smile!
Are there any dental procedures to reduce the size of my central incisors?
Or how would people with buck teeth correct their problem?
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replied May 28th, 2004
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Central Incisors
Hey there-
a good place to start would be a consultation with your dentist.They can recommend an orthodontist(braces) to reduce the protrusion.Then,after your teeth are in correct alignment-veneers on the lateral(side)incisors are often done to enlarge undersized(pegged)laterals.I know this is an investment of both time and money,but if you want it done correctly,it will be worth it.Good luck!!
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