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What Are the Risks of Having My Pins Removed?

Hello, I am a new member. I have 3 pins in my femur due to breaking off the head of it about 2 years ago. The latest x-rays show the heads of the screws are sticking out a bit, making the muscle rub over them. It also hurts to sit sometimes, and bend over in a chair etc. The pins are not backing out, just not the right length for the loss of bone from the break, (leg is shorter now). After spending the last two years getting back my seat, (i train horses), and adjusting to the rotation of my femur, I don't want to have the pins out if the pain is not going to radically lessen.
Has anyone had their pins removed? Less pain? Am I one of the few who has bad pain? Does anyone else feel like their leg is heavier, miss steps etc.? The doc's are just now getting interested in shoe lifts, (oh joy). I really need feed back. Lol, my back and neck need your feed back.
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replied October 16th, 2011
Hey Regal, I also am having much pain from 2 pins in femur after break last April of this year. Surgeon says they may be removed after sufficient healing. See him this Oct 24th to get answers about removal. Will post after that appt. My leg is much shorter also, so far only shoe lifts given for help. I thought I was only one with bad pain due to pins being too long. Take care, friend.
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