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Strange Sensation In My Face

About 10 years ago I woke up with a strange feeling in my cheeks, almost like I was embarrassed, but this feeling is 24 hours even when I was talking to just about anyone including family, friends. I felt very tense.

This went on for at least 6 years, I became less confident I felt tense as a result of the feeling in my face, I even found it difficult talking, I would slur my words.

After going on seroxat the problem ceased, however as soon as I came of them the problems started again.

I leave a very active healthy life, i'm naturally very confident and have no reason to be stressed out.

The right side of my face is particulaly bad. What is this problem is it stress? Mentally I feel fine? The doctor suggested it could be a sinus infection, however after having a ct scan the ent specialist felt there was not eonough to go on to operate.

Help I am at my wits end.
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replied May 28th, 2004
1. Drink alot of water

2. Try going to an accupuncturist (accupuncture)

where I live there is a korean accupuncturist who only charges $40 a visit; alot of spanish people go to him.

Do not go to an expensive one like one who the hollywood stars would go to.
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