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Okaywell im 18 just for yall to know well me and boyfriend were having sex and well for one we dont use anything cause well we been together for to 4yrs and we are gettin married and want a family well anyways we were having sex and then when we were done (he came in me) he got up and then we noice that same time we were having sex I i had started my period well can I still get pg even if he nuted in me and then I started my period?

Lot of poeple say no casue something about the egg coming out
and then some say yes cause the egg is still in me which is it?

And do I have a greater risk

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replied May 21st, 2004
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Yes, you can get pregnant 24/7...Under any circumstances
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replied September 1st, 2004
You cannot get pregnant while starting your period... By the time you've missed a period, you're already about 2 weeks pregnant.... Depending on your cycle
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