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Right Side, Strange Back Ache/tightness And Sore/tight Hip

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i am 27 years of age and started weight lifting on a regular basis 6 years ago. It is something I really enjoy considering I have a desk job and do not get much exercise during the day. About january of this year I noticed a right localized tightness in my right hip (near my hip bone) when performing dumbbell rows with my left side. I didn't think anything of it at the time and continued to lift weights on the same schedule that I have done for the last 6 years (2 on, 1 off). The only time I felt the tightness was when I was performing that specific exercise, no other time. To tell you the truth it didn’t even hurt.

About this same time, I was starting notice lower right back tightness when I would wake in the morning but again, didn't think anything of it. Well, one saturday morning while lifting, my back got really tight on the right side. I couldn't finish my workout and by the end of the day I felt pretty much normal. From that day on, lifting in the morning has not been an option. The tightness in my back would flare and put me down for the day. If I lifted later in the day, no problem. About early to mid feb the tightness was getting worse and my hips felt like they were "out of wack." I went to the chiropractor a couple of times and it seemed to help and I also went to the Dr. The Dr. Prescribed a mild muscle relaxer and naproxen for the tightness and aching. I thought that this might work due to an injury about 2 years ago. Let me explain. Two years ago my lower right back was so tight I could barely roll over to get out of bed. The Dr. Gave me a muscle relaxer and it was fixed in a couple of hours. I couldn't believe it. I thought the same would happen now. Don’t know if it is related to my current situation, but thought I would include it.

Well, it hasn't. In the past 3 months the symptoms in my hip and back have gotten worse. I am very tight in my back and the tightness in my hip I can feel all the time. I have been on more muscle relaxers and stronger anti-inflammatory and have also been going to the pt for the past 4 weeks. I have also been going to the chiropractor for the past week. I pretty much can't lift any more due to how I feel the next morning. When I lift I feel pretty good. I can’t do anything physical in the morning without setting something off. The hip thing is really starting to bother me mentally. When I explain my "problem" they look at me like i'm crazy. Even the pt. I think she is getting frustrated (like me) because nothing seems to be helping.

I cannot pin point one moment in time where I know I injured myself around the time when this all started. It has just progressed into a chronic problem and is starting to affect my life. I am not sure if the chiropractor or the pt is helping. I would say that it is not hurting me. I have one more day of pt before I go back to the Dr. And ask “what next?” I have no idea what he is going to say. I am following the pt’s instructions for the exercises and the stretching and can tell that I am more flexible and the muscles I am working are stronger. Has anyone had these types of symptoms? Is it fixed? Is so, how? Anything is very appreciated. I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks is advance,
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replied October 22nd, 2005
Lower Back Pain 4 Months
I have been having pain on my right lower back also, it goes to the left somedays. I have had it with all this research, they say disk bulges dont cause pain and they say they do. You should pt, chiro, blah blah.. I think im im getting depressed about it all.

Im starting to believe about being stressed out causing the pain, it would be the only thing to make sense. Injuring yourself 4 months ago and not being healed is insane, you can break your feamer bone (the biggest bone in your body) and it will heal with less pain in 6 weeks. But a back strain , bulged disk pain can last 5 months??
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replied October 29th, 2005
Yes, you are right - backpain is the worst. I have been living with back pain for most of my adult life which is now over twenty years.

I would like to share what I found (on the internet) to help me get over the worst of the pain and even to live for days without the pain.

There were really two different products:

one is called sport -i take 2 every day and when my back hurts really bad I take more.

Having been a skipatroller for many years, I tell you, without the sport, I would not be able to walk and get around on mondays. I take the the capsules before working out or going on the hill an afterwards. Great stuff.

The other product I found a couple of years ago is an essential oil and it is allegedly highly energized, but may that as it be, it works for me. Since I have used this product (togehter with the sport), by backache is much less severe and I am able to do things again, that I had to pass on for many a year.

Thought i'd share. Hope you will feel some relief soon

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replied March 25th, 2009
Try going for a Gyn Visit
Endometriosis- Fibromyalgia is what I have been diagnosed with and I have the same pains. Endometriosis is what I am leaning towards more of. It sometimes feels as though I am submerged between a car and a wall from the waste down. It commonly feels bruised and achy (not to mention the sharp knife pains). Endometriosis can have so many different types of pains. Do you also have very bad menestrual cycles? My hips pop when I walk during mine and sometimes just because. I have endometriosis and it dosen't just hurt in one place. If I apply pressure to my butt it hurts and can feel like you pulled something when you didn't. i am 21 years old as well and have suffered since I was 16.
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replied January 2nd, 2012
JHNDR, I have had the same problem for about 2 years now. I was wondering if you found a cure?

Thanks in advance,

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replied February 27th, 2013
JDNdR i strated haven this same pain yesterday and i eant it to no how long it last...
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