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Hepatitis can lead to serious liver damage. We cover basics about liver anatomy and define hepatitis here. Plus info on the different types of hepatitis....
What are the major causes of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C? Start here to learn what puts you at risk so that you can avoid the serious liver disease...
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my dad is 54. He just found out he's got cirrhosis of the liver. He's also a carrier of both hepatitis b and c. He's a recovering alcoholic. He drank for approximately 22 years and hasn't drank at all in 20 years. The doctor noticed his bilirubin count had increased and then increased again. Anyhow, they did further testing and determined, I guess through and ultrasound(?) that he has cirrhosis. My knowledge of this disease is nil. He doesn't seem to be well informed as of yet either. All my reading on the internet has led me to believe a million different things. Could anyone tell me based on what I have posted thus far what his prognosis might or might not be? I believe what all these websites are telling me is that cirrhosis is irreversible and fatal. But how do you determine prognosis and life expectancy. If you need more information, i'd be happy to provide it if possible. Also, is transplantation an option? How long does it take to become a candidate to receive a transplant? Oh, yes. My father has also been noticed to have jaundiced skin as of recently. I would sure appreciate any information anyone can offer me. Thank you.
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replied January 25th, 2005
Hepatitisc My Journey to Live
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