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justifying schizo and bipolar as abnormal reasoning

Here we go. Don’t exactly know where to begin. When was the beginning? I often feel like I do not know when I began with this ride I so desperately want off of. Never the less, apparently this is not one of the factors you get to choose in this game of “You-Be-Gone”. I have read many of the articles relating to schizophrenia and Bipolar, both of which I have been diagnosed with. I often wondered if people knew they were crazy. The answer is NO! If you are anything like myself I often justify with what I found out to be called “Abnormal Reasoning”. You don’t want to believe anyone you know and love could possibly do anything like this to you but all of your senses tell you that this could not be happening if it were not real. I also find it beyond unsettling to think that I have always taken good care of myself and then to be stricken with the worst possible attack of the body. The MIND! Should anyone have a brief synopsis of exactly what is happening to me that does not require a PhD I would love to have more understanding than I’ve had the time in a visit to discuss with my doctor. I appreciate any and all responses of a genuine nature.
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replied March 1st, 2008
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In very simplistic terms your brain chemistry is goofy. You don't produce neurotransmitters in the proper amounts and it causes imbalances in your brain. This, in turn, causes mood disorders and schiophrenia. There is also, evidence that points to structural differences in areas of the brains of people that have mental conditions. This gets pretty involved so I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say there is no cure. You can only treat the conditions. Yes, it is a raw deal to find that your brain is not functioning properly. You can feel better, though, if you get treatment.

I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. Get treatment and live your life. I hope this helped a bit.
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replied March 5th, 2008
Thank You for the compassion in your response. This disease is one that is the source of many a good joke I must admit. Having it? Not funny. Thank you for the information on the structural part of the brain also. Have a great day.
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replied March 6th, 2008
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Things are getting even worste for me now that my problems with my knees is being resolved...

At the start, they told me I was walking and standing incorrectly...partly due to my knees and partly due to flat arches. Since I was given orthopedic inserts and taught to walk and stand properly, it's like "Wow! It used to take so much effort to do these things and now it's not even an issue any more! I don't have any more pain/fatigue when walking/standing for long and it just feels soooo comfortable!".

What is causing me grief now, is that I can't help but think that the same is true for my mental stability...I SHOULD NOT have to work so hard at my thaughts, feelings and what not. I SHOULD NOT have to feel this way.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for...and be sure that I will relate any helpfull tips to you! I know how it feels...and I know how you don't want to feel...

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replied April 29th, 2008
Sorry to hear about yet another victim. Time heals all wounds is very easy to say but when every minute is a struggle it seems as though you can't stand the thought of another minute going by with yourself in this condition. I'm so glad I deciced to remain on the planet because there are so many wonderful things I would have missed. The ultimate to me would to be able to truly feel like all the smiling faces I see around me and to truly be HAPPY on the inside. Faking it gets old. I pray that anyone out there with these feelings to be touched by the hand of God and be healed before you find yourself with the same temptation I had and actually carry it out. Trust me, it's not worth it and your everyday can be VICTORY! I hope you all receive more blessings than you can contain.

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replied November 1st, 2011
I have BP and have been taking medication for this illness for several years. I am healthy and dependent upon these pills. I have heard that Schizophrenia can be caused if BP is not being treated. I am under the understanding that Schizophrenia is chemically induced due to a lack of critical chemicals needed to operate and function on a normal level within the brain. I myself can testify to this as there was a time period years ago when I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar but had slipped off from taking my medications, which led to bizarre thought patterns, social isolation, feelings of someone trying to harm me, showing little emotion, and was quite temperamental at times. It was not until I started receiving a new change in medication for treating Bi-Polar that these Schizophrenic symptoms had passed.
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