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Empty nose syndrome from turbinectomy ?

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ive been having sinus problems for months now i finally got results of my cat scan and i dont know exactly what was said by heart..but i have a deviated septum,enlarged turbinates,puse is my left maxillary sinus,and i think she said an air pocket im suppose to get surgery done in april..the 3 circled on a standard print out are septoplasty,endoscopic sinus,and turbinectomy..i have no problem with any of these except what i read about the turbinectomy when it comes to empty nose syndrome..first off in a turbinectomy is always the whole thing removed or can a turbinectomy also mean some removed so i would have to find out from my dr exactly how much is getting removed?..whats the chances of getting this empty nose syndrome problem..i think im going to go back to the ent and talk to them about it but i wanna get other opinions also here
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replied March 4th, 2008
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Agressive resection of inferior or middle or both turbinates can lead to developing symptoms of empty nose syndrome.
ENS usually occurs after radical inferior turbinectomy, as the inferior turbinate is the largest nasal turbinate and processes most of the inspired airflow.
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replied September 9th, 2009
Proceed very carefully. Have conservative submucosal surgery only. The condition is rare and is generally caused by overly aggressive sinus surgery. I am one of the unfortunate ones.
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