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Cervical problems and pain - cancer?

Hi -

For the last 7 months I have been on a roller coaster of gyn / cervical issues. Briefly, I had an abnormal pap test (first one) last July that said CIN 2 and 3. I had a colpo and several biopsies that came back completely normal. After that I went for a second opinion and had a pap in Oct that came back completely normal. As another followup I had another colposcopy and pap in January. The pap came back normal, but the biopsy said CIN 1 with no ECC involvement.

Throughout this time I have been experiencing painful intercourse. it feels like a sore, burning - similar to a yeast infection, but i don't have one. recently i felt rectal pressure during intercourse too. I have also been experiencing constipation and I had three UTI's over the summer. i am so scared - I know something is not right!!

Do you think I have cancer and they just can't find it? Could birth control pills have anything to do with this? I started on yaz in July. I got married this year and want to have a baby next year...

Please help!
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replied March 2nd, 2008
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What types of bacteria were causing your UTI's?
Do you usually have abnormal menstrual periods?

CIN1 or mild dysplasia can be identified by regular cervical screening with a Pap test and is definitively diagnosed by a colposcopy and directed biopsy (biopsy is the only way to know for sure if you have cancer, because it allows your doctors to get cells that can be examined under a microscope)
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