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What was i thinking!?

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I had to finish painting my bedroom wich came out really cruddy lookin so i have to do somethin else with it but then my crazy self got he bright idea to paint the living room, i got a pretty gren color that came out on the wall really nice, it goes along with my curtains etc. But wow i hate sciatica, my back hurt sooo bad but i was determined to finish it otherwise i would prob never finish and i cant not finish the living room. i was up till 1am to finish it but wow my back still hurts and i have blisters on my hand and my fingers hurt from holding the roller weird. Im gonna paint jordynes room yellow with pink polka dots like difernt size circles, but first i gota paint over the pink with white so the yellow doesnt turn orange, then just gonna do josephs room in a light blue, then i think i wont paint no more, because in april 09 we leave here and we gotta paint this all white before we move, but wow gah i wanna finish the other rooms but i need a break, i was sitting on the floor painting all night and wow i couldnt get up off the floor hardly. I will take pics when im finished with all the rooms though! And then post em on here it might bea while though.
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