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Deeply cracked heels with redness

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I am having a problem with both of my heels. I have tried everything from medicated lotions to bag balm and nothing seems to work. I have one really deep crack on my left heel and two deep cracks on my right. my heels are swollen. I do own a pool cleaning service so my feet do get wet but as soon as I get home I clean them really good and put what ever I can with white socks so that my feet aren't aggitated. I am basically at the point where it hurts to walk. I have never had this problem until this year. Please help
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replied July 9th, 2008
Sounds like your feet can use a some exfoliating. Look for a pumice stone in your local pharmacy or health food store. With this rock, you can rub down the dead skin on your heels to prevent the cracking that comes from exposing your feet to the elements. Once cracked, you've got to wither let the skin heal from the interior to the surface or try to mend the crack. Neosporin or crazy glue might help...but I'm just going by what a chef told me about cuts, not from personal experience.
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replied January 9th, 2011
A pumice stone is not an answer to all foot crack.sometimes it makes it worse and cracks it up more.I think you have Eczema.i have a similar problem.I use vinegar to cleanse feet then apply either Eucerin with Urea 10% or with Omega doesnt heal it but it helps to relieve.Also im about to try a cream called Terrasil.also avoid plastic or rubber shoes or synthetic socks.
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