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can't stop myself from puking after eating

well, ever since I was young, I've had a problem with myself. It started as anorexia in 8th grade, but I soon got over that. In 9th grade, I slowly became bulimic. It had gotten pretty bad where I'd be puking 5-6 times a day. I ended up going to a treatment program for other issues I had and felt I shouldn't notify them of my bulimia because they make certain rules just for that (for example, you may not use the restroom 1 hours after you eat, while you are in the restroom, someone must be WITH you in there WATCHING you)
I quit throwing up so I wouldn't get in trouble there.
Since then, I have only made myself thrown up once (in 2 years) and I feel pretty good about that. Mentally, I guess I'm okay and I wouldn't classify myself as bulimic, however, It's hard to control physically. If I feel bad about what I ate, I'll physically get sick and just start puking even though i try hard not to. This happens probably about once a week. I don't know if this is from bulimia or maybe it's anxiety problems, but does anyone know what I can do to help this? Or does anyone else have this problem?
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replied February 27th, 2008
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Yes, you can make yourself stop doing that, sure you can - and that's all for your own good, it's the best that you can do. It costs a lot - I can tell - but it's really worth it. So, give it a try, again and again!
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replied October 13th, 2009
here lately i have been making myself throw up after every dinner meal and lunch meal. my husband doesnt know that i have this problem but after i eat i try not to think about what i just ate as a bad thing ya know you have to eat to live but it overwhelms me to where i cant stop thinking about it and i go to the bathroom to making it come out before it starts to digest and add pounds to my legs and stomach. i have always had a self confidence problem with the way i look since i was a child and was heavier than i am now. i dont wanna stop throwing up b/c it seems it is the only way i feel better about myself. even when i eat salad and my stomach is poochy it makes me feel bad about stretching it out and im worried that it will.
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replied October 22nd, 2009
I have the same problem. I'm currently in bulimia recovery. I have been given a new prescription for a drug called Motilium that is used to activate your upper intestinal muscles to initiate digestion from your stomach so that you don't have the crammed, full, nauseous feeling immediately after eating anything. So far, I have only taken a few doses, so I can't tell if it's helping a lot or not, but it's fine so far. Every time I eat anything, it is initially a feeling of anxiety of actually consuming any food that I get nauseous before I even start. Then once I start, I feel good that I don't want to stop. Then the binges come. Then the vomiting/purging. So what I think is important to me is that I start eating my meals with another person or persons because then I can consciously consume a "comfortable" amount, which prevents me from vomiting afterwards. The physical sickness is often inevitable. To me, it's there everytime something goes in my mouth. But recovery is a 24/7 process that takes a long time to overcome. Go for help and people will listen and help you.
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