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weight gain after femoral osteotomy

In the pas t 3 years I have had 3 operations to sort out my shallow hip I have 3 children and have only recently started to walk properly
During this time I have put on a lot of weight and am finding it really hard to get rid also because I am frightened to run or do hard exersise due to damaging myself (and funnily I have forgotten how to run)It is putting strain on my hips as I am not really used to the extra weight.what can I do I want to lose it so bad its hard.and I am losing more of my confidence.I dont want to miss my youngest growing up and find out its too late to do crazy things with her and my boys.
desperate for answers! Confused
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replied February 26th, 2008
Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns? That should be the first person you talk to.

Be very honest with your doctor, tell him/her your activity schedule on average day. Then ask, how many calories he thinks your intake should be, what type of physical work out you can do, with out getting to the line in hurting yourself.

When I wanted to loose weight I had gain from a steroid treatment. Even though I do not have diabetes. I went to Diabetes org on line and followed their daily meal plans. I did still eat certain snacks, in between, they were the 90 calorie snacks, Special snacks. Along with the snacks, I started dancing to music. I would do the old Jerk dance and also the twist, plus to help keep muscle tones. I would excercise my leg muscles and upper arm muscles to prevent the flab drom dangling. I lost 35 lbs witn in a few months. Everybody is different in how much they loose, so never compare your weight loss t anyone else.

The main person you should be talking t, is your doctor.

Good Luck
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