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Ok I have been brushing my tongue for the past 3 weeks. Im looking to get that pink color tongue without any white on it. After about 3 weeks of brushing my tongue its still pretty white mainly in the back of it. Its not very bad but it is significantly white specially in the back . Today when I was brushing it, I pass my finger threw it and there are like mini pimples I guess u can call them in the back of my tongue under the white. I have had them for a long time now and I was wondering what they could be. Also people have told me in the past I have bad breath but ever since I started to clean my teen/tongue and started to use mouth wash I have not herd anything since. The thing is yesterday I was drinking and im not sure how to explain but I guess by the feeling I had in my mouth I knew my breath was bad.

My questions would be…

1-How long does it take to get rid of the white in the tongue so that its pink and not white, and what could those “mini pimples” in the back of the tongue be?(could they be cause of bad breath?
2- can u rly tell if your breath is bad by how it feels in your mouth? Its hard to explain but u I guess can like taste your bad breath. Im sure we all know what im talking about.
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replied February 25th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
ok what does this white stuff look like exactly-----could it be geographical tongue?
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replied April 4th, 2011
Candida - Yeast Infection, White Smelly Tongue - Alcohol, Sugar
About the white tongue. You have candida. It's a yeast infection.

Candida is like a weed in the body. It is surprising how many people don't realise they're affected. Really, we eat a lot of sugars, and this can allow it to get out of control. Read up on it. I can't believe how many other symptoms I can explain with it. Don't eat mushrooms, fermented foods, things with artificial sweetener in. Drink lots of water. Antibiotics also allow this to get out of control.

The mouth can smell like a sewerage system when Candida is involved.

Alcohol feeds the yeast. Once it is out of whack, it can take about a year of really good eating to get your body in check.

The main things you need to stay away from are yeasts (yes, bread) sugar - check your labels - it's in everything processed nearly. Take Lacto Bacillus daily - put the powder in a shake - those Yakult things you get at the supermarket are full of sugar!

You might also want to stay away from dairy.

You can take fungilin (Australian name) for fungal killer (similar to what you put on Atheletes foot but created to go inside the body when in tablet form). Here you need a script from a Dr or Dentist (you can get lozenges). Really though - this can have side effects, and you need to change your lifestyle or it will come back.

By the way - if you have it to excess in your mouth, you probably have other symptoms you just haven't noticed yet (including athlete's foot)

The pimple type things sound normal (they're something you just don't usually notice until you closely inspect) but if you are worried check with your Dr.

It might sound like a lot of effort - but most partners will notice whether you're healthy or not - so it's probably worth it. Also, it can help you feel better in general.

By the way - be careful which mouth wash you use. Like the gut, the mouth is balanced good and bad bacteria. My dentist advised me that some mouthwashes actually cause candida to flourish.

Most people say you can't smell your own breath, but I think you can (or at least some people do) I also noticed a chalky mouth sensation - or they call it cotton mouth, which I just couldn't stand. It caused me to completely change my eating habits, which in turn has massively led to a huge improvement in health.

A naturopath will be able to assist you with this condition far more than a Dr will
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