Hi, my aunt has severe low back pain during the first 4 days of menstruation ever since she gave birth to her son (now 6 years old). She described pain as deep achey and her back muscles feel all tight from midback down to her buttocks bilaterally. Please advise me on what is the cause of her problem. She had epidural injection during labour too.
thank you
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replied February 24th, 2008
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Hello Red,

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I would highly recommend that she seek the advice of a neurologist/spinal surgeon. The best one she can find in her area.

Epidural injections during labor only contain lidocaine to reduce the pain of childbirth. That is not the same as an epidural given for back pain which contains lidocaine to reduce the pain of the injection, AND also contains a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation in the immediate area of the injection.

I hope the ladies will be able to give you their thoughts.

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