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patch causing moodiness and low sex drive

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I'm on the Ortho Evra Patch right now. In the past few months, i've been getting HORRIBLE mood swings. I snap at my hubby for no reason, my mood changes in an instant, and i haven't had much drive for sex lately, and when i do, i've been a little dry Embarassed . I have a doc appt next Tuesday...and i'm thinking about switching to a different kind of BC. I was told that the Patch has more hormones in them. I tend to get a really bad migraine the first day that i start back on BC. I was looking at Yaz...but i've heard alot of bad things about it, more than the good. I feel like i've been going nuts lately, and have considered stopping BC altogether, but don't want to risk getting preggers. Anyone have any suggestions for a good BC, other than an IUD??
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replied February 28th, 2008
I had the same experience with the patch. If my fiance touched me, I was ready to kill him and the migraines were awful. I switched to Yasmin after the patch. My mood swings weren't as bad, but I still had headaches and my periods didn't get any better. I'm taking Loestrin 24 Fe now and I don't really have a period (just light spotting for a day or two if anything), haven't lost my sex drive, haven't experienced any dryness, and the mood swings and migraines have pretty much disappeared.

It all depends on the person, though. But I definately wouldn't suggest Yasmin if you have an issue with regulation.
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