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Okay. Around 6 pm or so I take a nap after school because usually I wake up early for band practice. I usually don't fall asleep immediately so I listen to my mp3. My parents usually come home @ 6:30 and sometimes I listen to my mp3 for around half an hour. I try to fall asleep and it seemed like a long time. I looked at my alarm clock and it was 7:30 and I start to worry.

What if they got in a car accident? What if the bank got robbed? (my mom is a banker)

Am I worrying too much? I cried to myself all the time cuz I didn't want to lose my parents. Is it because of stress? I feel so tired and mad all the time. I feel so unlucky cuz everythings going so wrong...
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replied February 22nd, 2008
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Nope my friend that sounds more like anxiety attacks to me. I go through the same exact thing with my youngest son. "OMG, he's two hours late! Should I call his work and see if he left, should I call the sheriff to see if there were any car accidents involving his vehicle?" I worry about him all the time. He is the root of most of my anxiety I must say. I went into a panic attack at the MRI office, because I was scared of the dye the inject for contrast. I had to take a Xanex. I would tell my doctor as there is medicaation out there to reduce these episodes.
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