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too old for bc ?

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Going to see my Gyno in a couple of months for my annual visit. I have been on the pill/patch and now the ring since i have been 17. Off a couple of times to have my girls. (now 16 and 11). I am now 45. When is it too old to use Birth Control? The doctor sees nothing wrong with me. I have been healthy, no problems. Thinking of going off the ring, and back to the pill with no periods? Like, do I really need a period at 45? LOL I was on the pill that gave you periods every 3 mos. did good with them., just hate the idea of popping those pills every night, cause I never remembered to take them at the same time. Love the ring, except for the many yeast infections I was getting and the occasional mood swings I get, but that might be from my Tinnitus, I get irritated too easily. Whats your opinions. Whos the oldest.
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replied February 21st, 2008
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You are not too old! In fact, sometimes birth control is given to women who are going through menopause. As long as you are healthy, which you seem to be, I see absolutely no problem with it at all.
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