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Bloating and nausea with stabbing pain

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Going to sound a bit of a baby here,but here goes!
For at least 10 years now,ive suffered from a horrible feeling of nausea and quite often a bloated feeling. When i first remember suffering from it, it would only happen a couple of times a month.I would take a rennie or something similar and the feeling would go. Now over time , I get this feeling most days ,if not twice a day and Its really getting me down. Rennies still work but there is obviously an underlying problem. Ive been to my GP a couple of times and had blood tests but they come back negative and that I appear to be fit and healthy. GP says there isnt anything further she can do.
The nausea can come on at any time of day with a slight stabbing pain (very very slight) on either the lower left or right side approx 3-4" below my ribs but it useually happens approx 0800ish and 1800. Im never physicaly sick but pretty much close to throwing up .I control bloating by belching and taking rennie and whilst this sounds rather disgusting for my wife or collegues im with ,its the only way I feel I can control the bloating.As I say,its getting me down!
I eat what i consider to be a fairly decent diet with the odd burger or pizza now and then. I eat veg and fruit ,potatoes ,fresh meat most days but would be lying if i said I didnt pig out on the kids sweets or chocolate or other junk food now and then. This has no affect on weather the problem starts or not.I have 2-3 cups of tea or coffee a day and 3-4 glasses of water. I smoke approx 15 cigarettes a day. I rarely drink alcahol. I work a 24 hr shift pattern and concious to eat at regular times during the day. Im slightly overweight (12 3/4 stone and 5 ft 7) and 36 yrs. I dont think im stressed,at least no more than anyone else. apart from this problem,im pretty much a happy chappy! I tried a dairy free diet for 6-7 months but that didnt change so im back to a normal diet again.
Now here comes the childish bit...... ever since I was a kid , ive been terrified of throwing up and still am. Ive been offered the exam with the pipe down the throat bit (sorry,forget the technical term for it, endoscapy maybe?) by my GP but as Im such an fool with this fear, i wont do it for fear of choking or throwing up even though I know it may solve any probelm I have. Id have to be knocked out for a month before hand to get me to do that to be honest! This all sounds rather silly to me and embarrasing as in 2006 I had apendictus which apart from a couple of days in hopsital having it removed, I had about 5 hrs making friends witht he back of the toilet. I remember at the time thinking that whislt its rather unpleasant, vomiting isnt all THAT bad and I didnt die as a result. That feeling didnt last very long as Im still scared stiff of it!
Then I thought I was cured from my nausea and bloating because for about 8 months or so following my apendix being removed, the nausea etc had gone! I put my previous discomfort down to a grumbling apendix but over the past 18 months or so,the problem has come back as i say most days and I have no idea why.
I dont really know what to do now. I often think that becuse of my fear of vomiting that I sort of imagine the nausea and bloating and bring it on myself by thinking about it so this possible?? if so,what can i do to stop that? Id be interested to hear from anyone else that suffers from this and what you do to combat the problem. Are there any decent herabal medicenes you take etc?
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