i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and was just wondering if anyone knew if insurance will pay for artificial insemiation because of this condition???????
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replied July 24th, 2008
Hey I also have pcos, and I've been trying to get pregnant for 2years, well I search all over the place to see if ill find and insurance that would cover my treatment or process in getting pregnant, no results, but hey u never know don't b afraid to ask ur doc,I asked my and he said no insurances cover infertily treatments but teacher union cover the most part of it, I have health plus and it covers a bit of my treatments just a bit.good luck and let me know if u find one.
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replied July 25th, 2008
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Honestly, you'd have to call your insurance provider to see what your plan will cover that procedure.

It depends on what your plan will cover.

Give them a call. What do you have to lose aside from a couple minutes on the phone?

PS: I wouldn't ask the doc so much...they may not know what plan you are covered by.
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