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missed period with headaches and nausea

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hey guys
i had sex on january 27,28,29,(31st ovulation day twice) and febbuary 2nd on the 17th day of my cycle. my period is from 28 - 29 days. now im 5 days late. on days 1-5dpo i had no symptoms just increases mucas. like i felt totally normal no cramps or nothin and then days 6dpo i got hit by a truck with major cramps like my period was going to start. then the days following i started to get really bad headaches and nausia and i had throw up even come up into my throat. my fiance just thinks that since im completely relaxed that its throwing off my cycle. i keep telling him that it going to come. i have also have extremely bad mood swings and also have been eatting a lot more and peeiong a lot more. i thought that i was going to start today cause i was feeling really crampy and got out of bed and went to the bathroom and all that it was is mucas thats it. when i get cramps i just gotta go pee and thats all.
i'm giving it til friday then if it dont show up then im going to test.
fiance says to just wait til next month if i dont get my period then we know whats up.
thanks for you help its greatly appreciated.
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replied February 26th, 2008
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If you are 5 days late for your period you can test now and get an accurate result. You don't need to wait til Friday.
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