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Leukemia white blood cells

I have always been a healthy person...rarely if ever do I get sick. But for the last 7 months I keep getting infections (per my dr). I go on antibiotics, feel better for a few days and then feel awful again...this cycle has been going on for months. I also lost 15 pounds, get nights sweats, and I'm always exhausted. My doctor keeps on telling me it's an infection in my body because my white blood cell count is high, but with the medicine shouldn't I have felt better after my first round?? Why does it keep coming back?? Any thoughts??
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replied February 19th, 2008
my brother had all the symptoms u have. he was told he had a blood infection and took medicine and was fine for a few days. he went to the doctor and was diognosed with a rare blood cancer. i would go to another doctor and get a second oppinion.
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