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boosting stamina and lung function with scleroderma

Hi Everyone,
I was diagnosed with scleroderma 2 years ago. I am an active die-hard surfer, through summer and winter. My friends all are hardcore surfers as well. I am having trouble with keeping up with energy and stamina. No matter how hard I work out, I get winded very easily, and it takes me twice as long to paddle out, I push myself to point of exaustion esp on large wave days. I am young (too young) to give in to this disease.

Does anyone know if there are there any suppliments on the market I can take before I go out in the ocean that will boost my stamina and lung function so I can keep up with everyone? I am on albuterol now and plaquinil for the joint pain. Even meds that active people use.. I am all ears!
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