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body adjusting to constant hypos

hi i've got low blood sugar i regularly run between 36-54 all the time now. I used to eat regularly but have stopped that now and seem to be adapting to low levels. Not sure why my levels are low, don't think it's caused by too much insulin b/c I have ketones in my blood .7-1.1 when this low.
I did see a dr but got nowhere and sorted it out myself by forcing my body to cope with low numbers. Anyway, is that what most of you do? I must admitt, sometimes it doesn't work and my bg goes up by itself w/o doing anything i.e. a few nights ago I was 49, ketones 1.1, had dinner frozen beans, few small pieces of sweet potato and some chicken (total 15g carbohydrates) and 3 hours later my blood sugar was 175 w/0.9 ketones?
Hmm, so just wondering now what kind of apporach you all take to low bs... is staying hypo all the time alright to do? thanks
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replied February 19th, 2008
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NO!!!!!! That is too low! 36?!!!!!!! Of course, everyone is different, but the typical standard is that anything below 60 is bad. I mean, if it seems to be working it's possible, but those seem to be dangerously low levels to me, and you have quite a sensitive system if it jumps that high. I don't pay attention to ketones so I can't comment on that relationship, however.
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