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Hello, I recently suffered a TBI and ever since then I have become increasingly depressed and have been having a hard time staying motivated and interested in things which were once a pleasure - such as concentrating on my studies for long periods of time. This puts me under constant stress and gives me severe anxiety. I have consulted with my family doctor and I have seen a few specialists and they've told me that there's nothing they can do. I've undergone many tests and nothing seems to be wrong. My therapist gave me a prescription, but I'd rather not take those. My question: Do you know of any good websites or do you have knowledge about things I can do to repair my brain and start feeling like my young self again? (ex. vitamins, detox, brain programs, exercise, etc...). Please help me by offering me some much needed advice, other info such as great websites, etc (something which I can start as soon as possible). I'm open to anything as long as it is healthy and doesn't involve drugs. Thank you.

SN: I'm looking for all natural things that I can do (and take) that will optimize my brain and create an the environment that promotes neuron regeneration and growth (etc).

Thank you very much:)
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replied February 6th, 2011
You may consider talking to a functional neurologist, they have many non-drug ways of assisting people improve neuro function. Check out for a doctor locator.
If you're after simple things you can do yourself, This brain book is fun to read and provides to do tips and strategies at the end of every chapter. Your Brain Your Life Make It What YOU Want
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