Hi everyone

I am currently abou to start taking Zyban to help quit smoking. However, i also smoke weed on a regular basis. I no i have formed a mental addiction to it and i have stopped b4 but always gone back to it. I am concerned about smoking weed while on the zyban. Does anyone no anything about mixing the 2drugs? I have taken Fluoxitine b4 for a few months and everything was ok when i mixed it with weed but i have heard scare stories about wellbutin and seizures.

I no, realistically, i must quit weed too as it has just as negative effect on my life as nicotine, but im unsure if i can stop smoking both at the same time.

Please help!!

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replied February 16th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
It is alway a good thing not to smoke pot while taking other medication. I really don't no the affects it would have on it. But, I will say this much. Have the will power to quit and stay quit just like smoking cig's.
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