Good afternoon,

A few years back I had microscopic hematuria (a trace of blood in my urine sample). I had an ultra sound done of my kidneys and everything looked okay. I continued to bring urine samples in every three months that year and then at every yearly exam.

This is 3 years later and I just got back from the doctors and he just called me to tell me that he found blood yet again in my urine...a trace again.

My concern is that it maybe cancer? What are the odds of cancer being present. I am a 49 year old lady who is in good health. The only thing is I have had a dull ache in my upper back (shoulder blade area) on and off for the past few months but I thought this was perhaps due to straining my arm in the summer. Is kidney cancer common at this age?

The doctors has told me not to worry but my mind is going into overdrive here with concerns as i cannot see him for another 2 weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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replied February 15th, 2008
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Blood in the urine can indicate many things, from a stone (kidney or bladder stone), sometimes infections in the kidney or bladder can cause blood in the urine, kidney or bladder disease, etc..

Is your doctor planning to any tests, ultrasound, CT Scan, etc?
Did they do blood work?
It might be an option to call the doctor and ask if they are planning to do any tests, if they are maybe they can get it done before you see him.

I understand the mind going into overdrive...I've been there many times myself.
Please hang in there and know you will get support here.
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