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severe case of gout

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Im 26 I have been suffering from gout for years. I have taken all medications possible to help. I have been to over 20 specialty doctors. I am completely unable to move my right leg and have not been able to for over 4 months. I have been crippled from this and have done everything from taking meds to diet. I lost my wife my job and my life because of this. I am 26 I now have to live at home and am completely forced by my health to lay in bed due to me not being able to move. My parents have to get me food, drinks I am so ashamed I can not even get up to go to the bathroom. As I stated I have not been able to walk in probably at least 4 months. I am in severe pain all day every day. I think this has also contributed to me getting severe Rheumtoid arthritus. The bad thing is that when I lost my job I lost my insurance. I dont know what to do I oftent think of killing myself I feel if I cant walk I am nothing I have not even been able to go outside in over a month it is just to painful to my legs for that much activity. Please someone help me I am at my end. I have been told several times that I have one of the worse cases that my doctors at least have ever seen. And every time I go to a new doctor because I am not getting any better they just do the same thing the last one did. PLEASE PLEASE I beg I want my life back someone help me...........
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replied February 14th, 2008
Severe gout
Where is you gout located? What joint or joints?

I'll assume you have tried all the usual gout drugs, herbal solutions, supplements and alkalizing solutions. For something a little more drastic, I've heard of a Chinese medicine treatment where they actually pump out blood and synovial fluid from the joint with the uric acid crystals. Have you considered/done that?

Also, what do the doctors tell you as to why you have gout? High uric acid, kidney failure, weight gain, high body acidity are the usual culprits. Something else maybe?

A bit of a far-out (untried) idea: injecting an alkaline solution directly (bypassing the usual mouth-to-stomach-to-blood route) into the affected joint (where the crystals are) to try to dissolve the crystals so that they can then be excreted.
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replied February 14th, 2008
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Hi Davestellar,

I am very sorry you are in severe pain. I have a few suggestions below.

1) Call your local government departments of Social Services, Labor, and Employment. Tell them you lost your job and medical insurance because of the illness, and ask them if you are entitled to disability benefits.

2) Call the department of social services and tell them you have been in severe pain and have no medical insurance at the moment and ask them if they can help.

3) Call the nearest medical school hospital and ask them if they can help. Medical school hospitals are more interested in difficult cases and they have more resources than the local doctors. They may be able to help you.

Hope you get help and get well soon. Take care.
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replied February 19th, 2008
It is in my feet, knees. And just yesterday I also have arth. in my hips and lower body thanks for you help its hopless for me but thanks.
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replied February 21st, 2008
I am so sorry for what you are going through. My husband (44yrs old) is going through the same thing. He has been unable to walk since the middle of Dec. 2007. The gout is in his knees and ankles. He had surgery mid Jan. on his left knee to remove a major build up from gout. We have been to many specialtists with none to help. My husband is a self employed chimney sweep, with no employees. He has been unable to work since the 1st wk of Dec. We have no health ins. I am unable to work because he needs me to care for him, and our 2 children.
A couple of weeks ago we started to see a holistic dr. She is an applied kinsiologist. She has started him on suppliments to detox his liver, lymphatic system. I also give him baths in epson salt and apple cider vinegar. She suggested we get a book called Alkalize or Die by Dr. Baroody. It's about how if our bodies are too acidic we set the stage for disease in out body. His is drinking distilled water and herbal tea only. Eating plenty of raw vegetables, some fruit, organic foods.
My husband has been feeling much like you do. I know it doesn't help much, but you are not alone.
We don't know if going this route will help him or not. At this point we don't really have any other option. He cannot take the gout meds because they make him very sick.
I know when you're hurting and going through great trials it's hard to understand why. I don't know the answer to that. The only thing that is helping my husband and I hold on is our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe He will get us through this.
I don't know where you stand with what you believe, but I do know that the God who created you, loves you very much. So much that He sent His only Son to die on a cross so you wouldn't have to.
John 3:16,17 says "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that who ever believes in Him would not perish, but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him."
If you don't know Him, I pray that you would come to know Him and He would give you strength, comfort and peace through this difficult time. I pray for your healing.
My heart goes out to you with love and compassion. I wish there was more I could do for you. I will post again if this form of cleansing and detoxing works for my husband.
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