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skin on penis tears during intercourse

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My wife and I have been married and monogamous for seven years, but over the past nine months or so I have developed a problem; every time we have sex, the skin on the top of the shaft of my penis tears in multiple places. The tiny lacerations always look the same; long, thin, shallow, horizontal “cuts”across the shaft, which take days to heal and then reoccur. After intercourse, the area is always red, irritated and mildly uncomfortable and the tears in the skin are visible.

I’m wondering if there is something wrong with the skin in that area, a fungus or something, which is hampering my ability to heal properly. Topical antifungal treatments have no affect and anything in cream form that touches the skin of my penis causes a HORRIBLE allergic reaction, with major swelling (would be nice under other circumstances), itching and discomfort. I thought that perhaps I could I have developed an allergy to her vaginal discharges or tha maybe her ph was really acidic for some reason, but it also occurs when I wear a condom and even when I masturbate.

We have tried to wait for a sufficient amount of time between intercourse activity so that the area could heal, but anything more that six or seven days is nearly impossible…..for her. Wink After three days of healing time the area looks normal, but sexual contact starts the whole fiasco over again….and again….and again.

Any ideas? Crying or Very sad

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replied February 17th, 2010
Try rubbing vegetable shortening on the penis prior to intercourse. It is very healing. You can put it on and gently rub it off with a kleenex to get some of the greasiness off. Do this once a night, over-night. I use it to heal my hand and other area skin tearing problems. Also, stop using soap on the penis. Soap is only needed to remove oily substances and can cause skin drying and tearing problems. I have experienced this myself.
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replied May 8th, 2012
what DO you use?
If you don't use soap to clean your penis, what do you use? I never thought of using vegetable shortening. Thank you for the great info.
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