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Areas of my skin feeling numb and painful

Hi, I have had a few areas on the right side of my body mid torso on front and back that have gone numb on the skin. Bit of aching below skin, almost like the feeling after a limb "falls asleep" and then starts to wake back up. A few other similar areas on the outside of my right leg and outside of my right ankle. Otherwise feeling fine. but losing some sleep due to the mild pain and the constant feeling of like restless leg syndrome on my right side.
I'm thinking of visiting a chiropracter thinking I might be out of alignment
pinching nerves etc.
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replied January 5th, 2012
PLEASE HELP! Skin Problem with Finger cut and Raw Hamburg Meat.
I inflicted a small cut in my index finger cutting a bun. I put liquid bandage on it and went on with my day. Later that day I was working with raw hamburg meat and all of a sudden I had this red line form around the finger tip and it started working its way down to the base. All the while the skin became very tender and red. It finally stopped just past my middle knuckle but my finger has become numb, and the skin is constantly dry and dying. I have no fingerprint anymore, which certainly caused a problem on my fingerprint scanner access to my laptop. My knuckle is often very sore and painful. Why is my finger constantly numb and tingling. Why is the skin always dry and dying. I have bought skin creams with 20% Urea and it is useless.
PLEASE HELP! I want my finger back. I need the feeling back.
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