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No period after changing pills and negative HPT

I'm on the pill and have had no period at all this month, i've taken a pregnancy test which came up negative, my periods have been fairly light for the last few months, i'll recently changed pill aswell recently, i wonder would that have anything to do with it, kinda worried about it. I'm 29.
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replied February 14th, 2008
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Lots of things can happen when you change pills. Different pills work in different ways and can cause you to have lighter periods, so that's nothing to worry about. If you had a negative HPT and you still have continued to have periods, you're probably not pregnant....but you can test again in another couple weeks for peace of mind Smile
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replied January 22nd, 2009
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i was in the hospital and wasnt allowed to take my pills. when i was able to i kept forgetting and when i finally did remember i took them all. stupidly. Can those hormones mess with a pregnancy test? and i spotted but then stopped that doesnt mean im pregnant right?
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