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how to know it's the right time

I am going to tell all and ask for honest opinions,good or bad,for or against.All I ask is that people be understanding and not be rude please.

Okay.Here I go...
I am 19 years old, I'll be 20 in March.I am engaged to a 20 year old named Austin and he's definitely my best friend and I couldn't have picked anyone that would be more compatable.I have a full time job,insurance,401k,and I invest in stocks. He has a part-time job that will eventually lead to full-time in the near future.Combined, we bring home about $2,500 a month.
We live with his parents to save money as of right now so we can get on our feet and be able to make it out there without living from paycheck to paycheck.
Okay, so here's the burning question;
We both feel really strongly about having a family while we're still pretty young.We know we want children, but we also know that it won't be easy and it'll take alot of sacrifice.My question is when do you know it's the "right time"?Everyone has always told me that it doesn't matter how prepared you think you are that you can never really prepare for a child.So does when you start a family affect how successful it will be?Sometimes I find myself craving a family now but I talk myself down from it because of things people say to me,telling me to wait and that I'm too young.Something so strongly though, keeps telling me it's the right time and I just want some validation or helpful opinions I suppose.Is now the right time?Should I give into my urges to start a family or exercise my will power?If I shouldn't try right now then when?What steps should I be taking to assure myself of when it's the right time?I just want a healthy,happy environment to raise my future children & I believe being a mother is the most stressful,difficult,but amazing job & gift in the world.
Feel free to ask me any questions you've got to help give more accurate advice.Thanks.

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replied February 22nd, 2008
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Hi Melissa,

That is a really hard question to answer. I'm not sure anyone can tell you when the "right time" is. It's something that you just know for yourself. You know when you are mentally and emotionally ready for another person to be 100% completely dependant on you 24-7. Only you know if you have the means (income) to support that life, as well as yourself. Only you know if you living arrangements are suitable for newlyweds with a baby.

I really wish I could give you some real advice, but all I can tell you is to think of your furture children. If you are truely ready to have children, you stop thinking of you and start thinking of them. Are you in the position to give them everything you feel they deserve?

I wish you all the best in the world with making this decision. It's a big choice.
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