so i have been sick for quite some time now. started out with a really bad stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, common cold kind of stuff. then one night i woke up and felt like i was going to be sick, sure enough i was. so for the next day i felt like i had the flu, with all that comes with it. the following day i felt so much better. i still had a stuffy nose and coughing, but it was so much better then getting sick, of course. then a couple of days past, until this morning when i woke up with alot of gas, my stomach is growling SO much and it feels like i have bubbles in my stomach. i have been able to take a normal "#2" since about a couple nights ago either. and this morning i totally threw up again. and i keep burping as well, and they smell HORRIBLE. i dont know whats going on and i was just wandering if there is anything i can do to stop it. like what i should eat and drink and what i should eat or drink. etc. i have work at my new job weds!! and i just dont want to have to deal with this when im there.
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replied February 11th, 2008
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Sounds like you have a really bad case of the flu, or you could have a bad case of food poisoning.

The best thing to do is stay at home and wait it out, as long as you are able to stay hydrated and your symptoms don't get so bad that you feel as if you need a trip to the ER. If your symptoms last more than 5 days, it's probably time to call a doctor. Even tho you are throwing up, drinking is still necessary: try ginger tea to calm your stomach, and an electrolyte drink such as Gatorade to keep yourself hydrated. Just drink slowly!! Another really good stomach remedy is blackberry brandy or even just any brandy or whiskey... it will help kill the germs in your system. Just drink it sparingly: you don't want to completely burn your stomach (or get drunk since you haven't eaten in a while lol.)

When you start feeling like you might be able to hold things down, you can try saltines or toast and gradually work that in. You are going to feel hungry when you are sick...even tho your body is sick, it still needs norishment. It's too bad we can't turn off the hunger when we get sick like that.
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